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            OpenBet's In-Venue offering comprises of:

            Our high performing EPOS terminals support slip capture, coupon scanning and bet cash-out. OpenBet Unify links in-venue activity to your omni-channel player account - offering both cash and account betting to your in-venue players.

            Live stream sporting events broadcast on terrestrial, satellite, cable or online sources through OpenBet Promote, with its next generation display management OpenBet Promote delivers centralised control of your entire estate's screens content.

            Our UBet self-serve sports betting terminals can deliver the full live-betting experience to your in-venue players. Plus UPlay our self-serve gaming terminals bring your online and mobile gaming content in-venue.

            Key Facts

            Purpose built for the
            in-venue environment

            OpenBet Unify connects
            in-venue activity to the
            omni-channel player account

            Full live sportsbetting
            opportunities via UBet
            and Promote

            In-venue cash and
            account betting

            In-venue screen management
            tools give centralised control
            across your entire estate

            Cash management tools
            tailored to the retailer

            Product Features