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            OpenBet's unique poker product allows you to take full ownership of your poker offering.

            Through our simple back-end tools you manage the mix of tables, limits, poker variants and tournaments. All aspects of the product are in your control: from tournament types and prizes to cash table rakes.

            OpenBet Poker is omni-channel by design and operators control every aspect of the lobby and tables: download, web, mobile and even interactive TV. Players can be playing against people on any mix of channels with no difference in gameplay. The open platform allows operators to create their own network with full white label capabilities built in through the front-end APIs.

            Key Facts

            Operator controls 
            all aspects of poker set-up
            - from table types to

            No network fees
            - it's your system

            Texas Hold 'Em,
            Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo
            variants available

            Fully customisable, 
            cross-platform client
            and lobby

            White label and
            B2B ready - create
            your own network

            Full access to
            OpenBet Casino portfolio
            within the poker client

            Product Features

            Tournament Play
            Lobby Tools
            Cash Play
            Collusion Tools