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            OpenBet Promote is a set of tools for the centralised operation of all types of screen displays across an entire operator’s estate.

            Through Promote operators can deliver a highly engaging, tailored set of in venue displays ranging from kiosk mini displays, to digital signage and all the way through to complex combinations of individual screens and large video walls. Content can include broadcast video, live event information and pricing, market messages and audio to suit the venue and screen hardware available.

            Through the powerful Promote Director software, operators centrally manage and automate screen assignments and schedules; and our instore software drives the in venue displays allowing for a range of hardware to suit the type and size of venue.

            Importantly, Promote is screen hardware agnostic and does not expect or require standardised displays across venues or even standardised content.

            Live & Streamed broadcasts
            Satellite, cable or terrestrial
            broadcasts can all be
            incorporated as can IPTV
            streamed over the Internet

            Stored video
            Downloaded content that is stored
            offline and played when required,
            e.g. marketing tools

            Can be combined with the
            above for a more immersive

            Where the screen hardware supports
            a touch interface the content can be
            reactive to input from the viewer and
            allow for dynamic capabilities

            Any web content or content
            designed using web technologies
            – Can be both specific content
            designed for use in Promote 
            or any web URL

            Integration with platforms
            For close coupling with your in
            venue or omnichannel sportsbook,
            the content can be fed dynamically
            from other backend platforms