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            The OpenBet Sportsbook is the leading omni-channel Sportsbook product on the market.

            Built from the ground-up to be a highly flexible and robust Sportsbook able to cope with the huge demands of today’s customers. The OpenBet Sportsbook can offer any type of sport (or non-sport) event and any type of betting market across both fixed-odds and pari-mutuel betting styles. Our Sportsbook customers demand the best and OpenBet's in-running betting offering is second-to-none: any event, any market and across all channels.

            OpenBet's Sportsbook is truly omni-channel in design and use. Through a single, web-based back-office operators manage the full suite of events, prices and liabilities. Events can be managed manually, through event feeds from some of our many partners and through pricing algorithms to automate pricing across hundreds (or thousands) of markets per event.

            All betting activity can be viewed in one place giving traders a 360-degree view of their liability and manage risk across all channels in one place. For players, they see a consistent product offering and experience a consistent betting process across all channels.

            Key Facts

            Any sporting and
            non-sporting event
            can be modeled

            Most powerful and
            flexible sportsbook on
            the market

            Proven performance
            as demonstrated by
            customer base

            Live betting is core
            across all
            and markets

            All bet types supported
            with an extensive range
            of market types

            Integration with all major
            sports feeds
            , video steaming
            and information services

            White label and
            B2B offerings are
            standard features

            6 time winner of the
            EGR Magazine Sportsbook
            Supplier Award

            Integrate your own price models
            and algorithms
            for differentiation
            or use a third party's service to
            broaden your offering

            Product Features

            Fixed odds
            Pari-mutuel betting
            Front-end independence
            Tele betting